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We've got a new Restaurant partner API. It allows for an integration between Deliveroo and restaurants' Point of Sale (POS) systems. Use it. Test it. Improve it.

#6996New order2 items @£17.60
#2203New order3 items @£24.70
#5490In kitchen3 items @£22.80
#8200In kitchen2 items @£22.70
#5737Collected3 items @£21.10
#2751Rejected2 items @£15.70
#5599Collected2 items @£17.70
#1425In kitchen3 items @£18.60
#9234Cancelled2 items @£18.30
#4632In kitchen3 items @£16.50
Restaurant POS

Restaurant partner API

By integrating with the API, restaurants can see all of their Deliveroo orders in their Point of Sale (POS) system in real time. No data entry needed.

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