Integrate Deliveroo and your restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) system to send Deliveroo orders straight to the till using our POS API. With it, restaurants can see all their orders in one place, in real time.

This API is for developers. If you work for a restaurant and you’re interested in integrating, ask your POS supplier or developer to read all the documentation and request an account.

How the POS API works

  1. A customer orders on Deliveroo’s website or app
  2. The restaurant accepts (or rejects) this order
  3. If the order is accepted, Deliveroo sends you an order event (HTTPS request) with the order details payload
  4. You send an order sync status (HTTPS request) back to Deliveroo

Want to integrate with Deliveroo?

For a successful application, you'll have to be either a restaurant with your own POS system or a POS company with a number of shared restaurant partners. If that's you, request an account and you'll hear from us within a week.

How to integrate with our POS API

Once you're approved, log in to the Portal and head to the FAQs to read our step-by-step integration guide. This will give you the information you need to get integrated with our API.